Speaker Spotlight: Dylan Ryan

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Feb 152013

Dylan Ryan is presenting Feminist Porn: The Politics of Producing Pleasure. Check out  Dylan’s bio here.


Dylan RyanHow do you see yourself as a catalyst for change?

I have been lucky enough to be a part of the ever-growing wave of feminist adult performers who are impacting the way people see and think about the adult industry and adult performance.  I also continue to progress with my personal mission to connect women to unique and authentic female sexuality through my pornographic and multimedia performances.  I have always felt it important to show a woman enjoying sex, expressing her sexuality in an empowered and thoughtful way and I strive to do that in my work, writing and when speaking to people about porn and sexuality.

Who or what was a catalyst for you?

Not coincidentally, I have been inspired by so many of the presenters at Catalyst Con.  I think back to my start in the industry and the people I looked up to are the very same people I will have the honor of presenting with at the conference this year.

What do you feel are some of the biggest challenges or concerns facing us in the field of sexuality right now?

I feel that there is still incredible stigma around female sexuality.  There is still far less money available for research in female sexuality.  There are still far fewer films, books and sexuality resources created with women in mind.  It is still much more heavily stigmatized for a woman to be sexually open and promiscuous than when a man engages in the same behavior.  Women in sex work are still villianized.  Hell, sex work is still criminalized!  Though we have made great strides I still feel that female sexuality and women’s sexual rights are a mostly unconquered equality frontier.

Why do you feel it is important to bring the topic of your session, Feminist Porn: The Politics of Producing Pleasure, to CatalystCon East?

I think that the concept of porn as an educational tool and a tool for empowerment is still a very relevant one and especially interesting when explored within the context of feminism and feminist movements, both past and current.  As a porn performer and academic, I’m excited to sit on the panel with some of the foremost performers and scholars in feminist porn to discuss porn and adult performance, the politics of pleasure, education, identity, relevancy and the future of both the adult industry and society as it continues to progress toward a more open understanding of what it means to be a feminist that creates, thinks performs and works in sexuality.

Share one unknown (or little known) fact about yourself.

I’m not sure that it’s little known at this point but it’s my favorite personal fact that always cracks up Dee Dennis:  I LOVE BACON.  Love.  Love it. And that tends to rile people up.  Which I kind of like since I’m a bit of a rabble rouser. I also like tea.  Almost as much as bacon.

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