Special Events


CatalystCon East

March 2015 in Arlington, VA


with Lillith Grey

 Thursday, March 26, 2015  8:30pm-10:30pm

Join Lillith Grey for an evening of fabulous fun where everyone is a star!  Choose from over 20,000 songs in the karaoke library, and let those lungs loose!! To add that extra bit of sassy glamour, there will be boas and tiaras on hand for singers, and the one who brings the most sass to the stage will be crowned the Catalyst Queeraoke Queen!

 This event will take place in Richmond/Roanoke on Lobby level.  

The Private Gym Cocktail Lounge

Saturday, March 28th – 8:00pm-9:30pm

Come join The Private Gym Team and enjoy an open bar, specialty cocktails, and our DJ spinning great tunes as we celebrate a successful CatalystCon East 2015 Conference!


CatalystCon Cards with ArtPulp

Artpulp logo

It’s about passion, identity, sexuality, gender, media, art and choosing creativity! Artpulp.net is thrilled to empower conference attendees inner artist to create unique postcards that express their individualism and attitudes about sexuality and the issues at the very heart of CatalystCon.

For a $5 donation to the Center for Sex and Culture attendees will have access to all the supplies they need to create handmade individual 4 x 6 postcards! Everyone will have access to markers, pencils, pastels, photographs, media, and more to help you create a card that showcases why CatalystCon is so important to you. Your CatalystCon Cards will become part of a special online gallery on the all new ArtPulp.net and available to view during the entire weekend. Plus Artpulp.net will mail your postcards to any destination in the US for you if you don’t plan on taking it home to hang on your wall!

Check us out all weekend long and create a unique expression of your CatalystCon experience, and don’t worry we will be there all day to lend a hand, help you along, and create your vision!

Have questions about CatalystCon Cards – special requests, ideas or inspiration we want to hear about it! Tweet us @artpulp or visit us on Facebook to share your idea.

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