CatalystCon West

 Saturday Evening Entertainment

Westchester Ballroom


Off the Page:

Sex Talk with Carol Queen and Friends

Saturday, September 13, 2014 8:30pm-10:00pm


Exceptional conversations about sex happen in many forms–face to face, in bed, on the ‘Net, and coloring our cultural representations. Writers have them all the time, alone with their laptops–and it’s a treat to bring them off the page and into a room full of engaged listeners! Join Carol Queen and some of Catalyst’s erotic writers, memoirists, essayists, and sex pundits for a night of conversation-sparking readings to remember.  


Saturday, September 13, 2014 10:30pm-12:30am



  Mo Beasley’s UrbanErotika is a monthly performance series celebrating erotic love through poetry, spoken word, music, dance, and theatre – as expressed by New York City’s diverse cultures. Each performance is composed with four Suites of Eros and starts with the most soft and sensual, ending with the most wild and explicit. The Infatuation Suite, Seduction Suite, Sweet Bliss, and the Raw Suite are the full spectrum of romantic and sexual love at UrbanErotika. UrbanErotika is perhaps one of New York’s most diverse artist showcases. Over the years, the theater-styled performance series has proven to be rather eclectic: Puerto Rican tap dancers, Korean folk singers, West African dancers, Jewish musicians, South African singers, European poets, as well as the tri-state area’s best-known African American poets, dancers, singers, and musicians have all graced the UrbanErotikaSM stage. Whatever the genre, the show is created to unify the concepts of love and sex in a variety of artistic expressions.


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