We want to thank everyone for all their comments and praise.  If you have a testimonial that you would like to share on our website, please contact us. (We are also compiling links to articles and blogs about CatalystCon on our Press page. If you have written about CatalystCon, please let us know!)

“Sponsorship at Catalyst isn’t a vending opportunity; it’s a chance to talk with peers and experts, hear their voices and ideas and share common ground. We get one on one time with store affiliates, meeting the movers and shakers and social media’s who’s who. I feel so energized and full of ideas each show. Really, there are other educational conventions around but there’s only one CatalystCon.” ~ Metis Black, President and Founder, Tantus

“This is your one-stop shop for access to the knowledge and presentation of many of our country’s leaders in the world of sex positivity and sex education. A conference no sex positive educator, professional, advocate or activist should ever miss. Thank you CatalystCon.” ~ RavenHarte

“You must be a conference super genius. The scientific conferences I’ve organized (in the distant past), required many times the staff you had and never ran as smoothly as yours here. You are amazing!” ~ Steve Welch, Silent Circle

“I’m just so grateful that CatalystCon exists . Twice a year I know I can go to CatalystCon, be inspired, meet new friends and old and experience the ‘high’ from it for a week afterward. I took your advice and went to a session I never would’ve gone to (Sex & Disability) and learned so much. It expanded my mind and gave me more information about a subject I knew very little about.” ~ Lady Cheeky

“CatalystCon East was an empowering, enlightening and truly amazing educational experience. As an industry “newbie”, I came prepared to learn a lot, but had no idea I would also go through so many philospohical changes and experience so much personal growth as a result of just 2 short days at CatalystCon!! The pannelists were incredible, powerful, role-models and it was profoundly moving to be in the preseince of such creative, hard-working and energetic people. It was a fun, exciting and potentially life-altering conference – KUDOS!” ~ Tara Palmer

“Everything you need to know about sex from A to Z can be found at CatalystCon. The weekend sexucation experience scintillated my ‘vanilla’ senses and jump started an erotic journey….for the mind, body and spirit.” ~ Kristina Krawchuk, Womin Media

“CatalystCon was easily the best conference I have ever attended. I was and still am very inspired and have so many new ideas to work on. I very much hope to be able to attend CatalystCon again soon.” ~ Malinda Flodman, sex educator and author, Sweden

“CatalystCon provided the perfect platform for us to launch Evi. The leading minds in sex and health education were all gathered in one place for an amazing three days. Holding CatalystCon on the East Coast as well is a fantastic idea, as it will allow even more people to partake in this amazing conference.” ~ CT Schenk, CEO, ANEROS

“CatalystCon is a literal who’s who in progressive sex thinking. The conference fuels writers, bloggers, activist, educators, product manufacturers and retailors, and anyone who has an interest in the state of sexuality today. What I love is it’s not just a place to learn, but it’s also a place to use your voice and reach people who have an influence in the world.” ~ Ducky Doolittle

“CatalystCon is a unique gathering of fresh, diverse voices in the field of sexuality. It’s well suited for anyone in the field of sexuality, whether a novice or seasoned professional. A conference as enjoyable as it is necessary, you can’t help but leave CatalystCon feeling inspired.” ~ Francisco Ramirez, MPH

“CatalystCon was a great opportunity for me to network with sex educators and people committed to promoting healthy, positive sexuality. It was an honor to learn from many of my idols in the field and to be able to contribute my own thoughts as well. … My sincerest thanks to Dee Dennis and Wicked Pictures for the support at the show.” ~ jessica drake, Creator, “jessica drake’s Guide to Wicked Sex”

“We rarely rave about anything, so when we say that we have nothing but praise for CatalystCon, you can trust that that really means something. … Dee is so passionate about what she does, and we had a chance to see firsthand how much hard work she put into making CatalystCon a success, so we’re really happy that we got the chance to be a part of it.” ~ Lilith and Jezebel, Founders, EvilSlutopia.com

“CatalstCon was the perfect mix of stunning information and insights, sexy entertainment and phenomenal social opportunities. If you have a chance to attend in the future, you should.” ~ Cunning Minx, Producer, Polyamory Weekly

“CatalystCon was more than the knowledge, more than the networking, more than the opportunity for me to share what I do and how I feel about it, more than learning what other sex educators do and how they feel about it. It felt like a brave new world was possible, one in which acceptance and celebration reigned.” ~ Joan Price, Author, “Naked at Our Age: Talking Out Loud about Senior Sex”

“By providing a forum that attracted so many wonderful people, the conference fulfilled its mission in serving as a catalyst for change, sparking many conversations that carried beyond the walls of the Hilton.” ~ Marc Ellis, Founder, Sexual Candor

“The definition of catalyst as something that provokes or speeds a change or action was definitely an excellent way to describe the effect of the weekend. … CatalystCon really showed me that things are moving faster than expected. I have to go with it, though, knowing that I’ve got some great support around me.” ~ Technogeisha, Contributor, Life on the Swingset

“The lineup at Catalyst is incredible. It’s like a living tableau of sex positivity today and it’s still a baby conference.” ~ Maggie and Ned Mayhem

“What do I take away from this Catalyst? Today, I keep returning to the feeling that this con was a long time coming. … I was struck by how smoothly this conference went. It felt like an established event that had many years of adjusting to find its cruising altitude.” ~ Joanna Dawson, MPH

“Adult conferences, where like-minded people gather to discuss topics such as the business of porn or the politics of sexuality, can sometimes amount to nothing more than preaching to the choir, full of self-congratulation, or worse: places where both critical thinking and the loins-level enjoyment of sex go to die. But [the] inaugural CatalystCon in Long Beach was a refreshing, well-organized, and thought-provoking event filled with challenging ideas that didn’t shy away from difficult topics.” ~ Gram Ponante

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