7/20/2015: CatalystCon West Announces Opening & Closing Keynotes

6/23/2015: CatalystCon West Announces Sessions & Speakers

4/9/2015: CatalystCon East Sexuality Conference A Success, Announcing CatalystCon West

12/8/2014: CatalystCon East Announces Opening & Closing Keynotes

11/19/2014: CatalystCon East Announces Sessions & Speakers

9/29/2014: CatalystCon West Sexuality Conference A Success

7/10/2014: CatalystCon West Announces Film Series Lineup

6/25/2014: CatalystCon West Announces Club 90 Reunion at Closing Keynote

6/11/2014: CatalystCon West Announces Sessions & Speakers

3/26/2014: CatalystCon East Sexuality Conference A Success

2/17/2014: CatalystCon East Announces Saturday Evening Entertainment and the CatalystCon Studio

1/16/2014: CatalystCon East Announces Opening and Closing Keynotes

12/19/2013: CatalystCon East Names Sessions and Speakers

10/16/2013: CatalystCon West Sexuality Conference A Success

09/24/2013: ANEROS Unveils Redesigned Evi at CatalystCon West

09/12/2013: CatalystCon West Special Events and Entertainment

08/19/2013: Dee Dennis Announces Fundraisers at CatalystCon West

06/19/2013: CatalystCon West Announces Keynotes and Pre-Con Events

06/03/2013: CatalystCon West Announces Speakers and Sponsors

05/08/2013: The Center for Sex & Culture Chosen for “Give OUT Day” Fundraiser

04/22/2013: Announcing CatalystCon West Sexuality Conference

03/27/2013: CatalystCon East Sexuality Conference a Success

02/27/2013: CatalystCon to Host Fundraisers for

02/21/2013: CatalystCon’s Dee Dennis Hops In Bed with jessica drake

02/14/2013: CatalystCon East Announces Saturday Evening Entertainment

01/24/2013: Dee Dennis Talks CatalystCon on ‘Sex Out Loud’ with Tristan Taormino

o1/22/2013: CatalystCon Founder Dee Dennis Featured on ‘Life on the Swingset’

01/07/2013: CatalystCon East Announces Closing Keynote Speakers

12/11/2012: CatalystCon East Reveals Speaker Schedule, Keynote Address

11/19/2012: CatalystCon East Names Speakers, Sponsors for D.C. Debut

10/16/2012: CatalystCon East Sexuality Conference Set for D.C. Debut

09/21/2012: Announcing CatalystCon East: Sparking Communication in Sexuality, Activism and Acceptance

09/20/2012: Over $1,000 Raised for Scarleteen at CatalystCon!

09/14/2012: CatalystCon to Open Closing Keynote to General Public to Benefit Scarleteen

09/10/2012: Aneros to Debut Female Product at CatalystCon

08/27/2012: CatalystCon Announces Fundraiser for Scarleteen

08/24/2012: Pre-CatalystCon Sex Worker Meetup & Mixer

08/20/2012: jessica drake Joins Sex-Ed Panel at CatalystCon

04/27/2012: CatalystCon Sparks Positive Discussions About Sexuality, Activism and Acceptance

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