September 2014


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CatalystCon is a conference created to inspire exceptional conversations about sexuality. It is about reaching out and stimulating those who attend to create those important conversations in their own communities, changing how we as a society talk and treat sexuality. We want to make it easier for CatalystCon attendees (and those who are unable to attend in person) to continue those conversations online before, during and after the conference by using hashtag #ccon on Twitter and creating separate hashtags for each session, workshop, and keynote.

We have rounded up some of the best tweets using these hashtags and curated them on Storify to tell the story of CatalystCon West.

CatalystCon West – 2014 – Los Angeles, CA 

Keynote Plenary Addresses

Opening – Sparking Communication in Sexuality, Activism and Acceptance
Closing – Afternoon Tea with Club 90: Their Story, Their Legacy, Their Love


21st Century Sex Ed: Beyond Just Saying No
Adaptive Sex and Kink: How We Do What We Do With What We’ve Got To Do It With
Alternative Solutions: Sex Surrogate Partner Therapies (SPT)
Bacchanalia Basics: It’s (Play) Party Time!
The Body Spiritual: Sacred Sex Basics for Educators, Sexuality Professionals, and More
The Canadian Sex Work Journey So Far: The Fight For Decriminalization & The Supreme Court Challenge
Consent: To Make a Villager
ECOSEX! Make the Earth Your Lover: Heat Up Your Sex Life as You Slow Global Warming
Envelope-Pushing Erotica: How Sexy Stories Can Change the World
Fantasy Girls: The Perils Women Face In Geek Culture
Fascinating and Frustrating: When Your Sex Work Becomes Your Sex Life
Flawless: Black Pride in Sexualized Communities & Labour
Getting In and Getting Out: An exploration of the beginning, middle and end of life in porn.
How to be a Sex Positive Warrior in Public Health
Infidelity Is More Than Cheating
In Sickness & In Health: Creating Intimate Relationships with Acute or Chronic Illness
It’s In Your Mind: What Every Sexpert Needs to Know About Psychotherapy
It Starts in the Womb: Educating on Infant and Child Sexuality
Living With An STI
Looking Down There: Sexuality and Dwarfism, Disability, Illness & Chronic Pain
Mandatory Condoms in Porn and why we are against it
Material Matters
Pleasure and Danger on Campus
Polyamory: The Personal, Political and Spiritual
PRIDE & Prejudice – Confronting Homophobia in Communities of Color
Self-Publishing for Fun and (Maybe) Profit
Senior Sex: Lusting, Dating, and Mating
Sex, Dating, Kink, and the ‘C’ Word
Sex & Parenting: Sex Positive Parenting in a Sex Negative World
Sex Toys: Past, Present, and Future
Shameless Self-Promotion: Marketing 101 for Activists
Slut Shaming: The Clash Between Sexuality and a Sex-Negative Culture
Social Media and Feminist Ethics: #Activism and the Politics of Responsibility
Specialties in Sex Work
Strange Bedfellows: joining the sex-positive community and people of faith
That’s Not Funny! – Comedy and the sex positive movement.
What about love? Radical sexuality and the new nonmonogamy
What’s Hot in Erotic Art?
Within-Community Advocacy
Working with A Sexological Bodyworker

CatalystCon Studio & Entertainment 

The Deeper Truth: Biographies from the Catalysts
Life on the Swingset
Poly Weekly
Sex with Emily

Off the Page: Sex Talk with Carol Queen and Friends

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