September 2012


Live Coverage

CatalystCon is a conference created to inspire exceptional conversations about sexuality. It is about reaching out and stimulating those who attend to create those important conversations in their own communities, changing how we as a society talk and treat sexuality. We want to make it easier for CatalystCon attendees (and those who are unable to attend in person) to continue those conversations online before, during and after the conference by using hashtag #ccon on Twitter and creating separate hashtags for each session, workshop, and keynote.

We have rounded up some of the best tweets using these hashtags and curated them on Storify to tell the story of CatalystCon West.

CatalystCon – 2012 – Long Beach, CA

General CatalystCon Coverage

CatalystCon – #ccon

Special Events and Entertainment

Social Lubrication with Reid Mihalko
Sex Rules with Maria Falzone
Screening of Documentary Film “How To Lose Your Virginity”
Girl Gasms Sex Education Workshop with Ducky Doolittle
EVI by ANEROS Launch at CatalystCon
Dirty Bingo with Ducky Doolittle
Bawdy Storytelling

Keynote Plenary Addresses

Opening – Sparking Communication in Sexuality, Activism and Acceptance
Closing – Defending Pornography: United States v. John Stagliano


Act Like A Man: Masculinity & Gender in the 21st Century
America’s War On Sex and the 2012 Election: Does It Matter Who Wins?
The Anatomy of Pleasure
The Buck Angel Effect
A Conversation with Anti-Establishment Sex Workers
Creativity for Radicals
The Dirty Business of Money
Erotica 101
Ex-Gay No Way! Practically Maneuvering Through the Rhetoric of “Reparative Therapy”
Fat Sex Works
Feminist Perspectives on “Fifty Shades of Grey”
Five Stages of Sexuality: Fluidly Moving Into Full-Spectrum Sex
How to Be an Ally to Sex Workers in Theory and Practice
Media Risks: Who Wins?
A New Monogamy: Catalyst for Conversation
The Online Activist: Creating a Social Media Content Strategy
Paying for It: How Client Stigma Impacts the Sex-Positive Movement
Payment Processing, Creativity, and Censorship
Relationship Models for the 21st Century
Safer is Sexy: The (Fe)Male Condom
Sex and the Media: What’s Right, What’s Wrong, Why It Matters
Sex Education: Out of the Classroom, into the Streets!
Sex Positive Poetry/Entertainment
Sex, Sexism, and the Search for Pleasure in Hip Hop
Talking Out Loud About Senior Sex
Talking With Your Kids About Sex: A Guide for Parents, Parents-to-be, and Anyone with Kids in Their Lives
Teaching Porn
Toxic Toys
Transmedia Storytelling, Social Networking and Sex Education: “Mainstreaming” Sex Education with Interactive Social Media, Digital Capture and Publishing Technologies
What Color is Your Condom? Different Self-Expressions Of Sex Education and Which Is Right For YOU!
When is an Orgasm a Political Act? When is Lube a Tool of the Revolution?
When Someone You Love is a Sex Worker
When To Give It Away and When To Charge For It: Knowing Your Worth, Assessing Others’, And How To Make Ends Meet As a Sex-Positive Professional
Why Talk About Sex and Disability Anyway?
Women in the Industry

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