March 2013


Live Coverage

CatalystCon is a conference created to inspire exceptional conversations about sexuality. It is about reaching out and stimulating those who attend to create those important conversations in their own communities, changing how we as a society talk and treat sexuality. We want to make it easier for CatalystCon attendees (and those who are unable to attend in person) to continue those conversations online before, during and after the conference by using hashtag #ccon on Twitter and creating separate hashtags for each session, workshop, and keynote. We have rounded up some of the best tweets using these hashtags and curated them on Storify to tell the story of CatalystCon East.

CatalystCon East - 2013 - Washington, DC 

General CatalystCon Coverage CatalystCon - #ccon Keynote Plenary Addresses Opening - Sparking Communication in Sexuality, Activism and Acceptance Closing - Afternoon Tea with Carol Queen and Robert Lawrence Sessions The Burned-Out Sex Professional Diagnosing the DSM Does This Panel Make Me Look Fat?: Body Image and Sexuality Entrepreneurial IQ: 10 keys to designing an unconventional career in sexuality Ex-Gay No Way! Practically Maneuvering Through the Rhetoric of “Reparative Therapy” The Facts About Measure B and How It Impacts Us All Female Sexual Freedom & Web 2.0: This Ain’t Your Mama’s Feminism Feminist Porn: The Politics of Producing Pleasure The Fifty Shades Phenomenon and Its Effect on Our Social Sexual Behavior Healing and the new Monogamy The history of sex education in Sweden and the development of sex ed for Swedish queer women How (and Why) to Be a Sex Positive Parent How to Be an Ally to Sex Workers in Theory and Practice How to Become a Successful Erotic Writer Language Matters: How To Speak Sex-Positivity So That People Listen Making Comprehensive Sex Education into Inclusive Sex Education Male Circumcision: A Humanist Perspective on the Removal of Foreskin Ok, Polyamory’s Been Outed! Now What Do We Do? The Online Activist: Ready, Set, TWEET! PRIDE & Prejudice: Confronting Homophobia in Communities of Color Relationship Models for the 21st Century Sex and Sexuality from a Trans Perspective Sex in the Media: From Pitch to Print; What Does Sex Really Sell? Sex with Benefits: Progressive Swinging Sex Work and Disability The Silver Rainbow: Working with LGBT Seniors Slut Shaming in Sex Positive Communities Spiritual Sexuality: Ending the War Between Religion and Sex Tales from the front line: Everything you wanted to know about “trafficking” but didn’t know whom to ask Talking Out Loud About Senior Sex Toxic Toys What’s So Special About Sex? What’s Your “Bi-Q”? When To Give It Away and When To Charge For It: Knowing Your Worth, Assessing Others’, And How To Make Ends Meet As a Sex-Positive Professional Why Talk About Sex And Disability Anyway? Special Events and Entertainment Sex Out Loud with Tristant Taormino - Live Recording Girl Gasms Sex Education Workshop with Ducky Doolittle Take It Like A Man with Charlie Glickman and Aislinn Emirzian In the Flesh Reading Series Dirty Bingo with Ducky Doolittle
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