CatalystCon East 2014



CatalystCon East 2014

CatalystCon Closing Keynote Plenary Address – Afternoon Tea with Betty Dodson

Perhaps no one has had a greater influence on the development of sex-positive feminism than Dr. Betty Dodson, from her early role talking about self-loving and women’s sexual pleasure to her workshops, books (including Sex For One) and videos. She’s inspired generations of feminists and pleasure activists and mentored or advised many of the most significant voices in today’s sex-positive community. Meet the real Betty Dodson and hear how a transplanted gal from Kansas came to New York City in the 1950s to be a fine artist and became “the Mother of Masturbation”! Cultural sexologist Carol Queen, PhD, who considers Betty her own spiritual mother (or at least indispensable influence, sounding board and dear friend), interviews Dr. Dodson in an intimate and wide-ranging chat to close out CatalystCon with an inspirational bang, or at least a damned good hand job.

The Deeper Truth: Biographies from the Catalysts 

unnamed-1Author, educator, performer, and radio personality Shar Rednour hosts a series of hot, uncensored discussions with some of sexuality’s most exceptional catalysts. These one-on-one talks will put ground-breaking thinkers, activists, educators and innovators in Shar’s sexy hot seat as they share their histories, their inspirations, and their plans for how we can all change the world. As an experienced interviewer and radio host, Shar will take her guests beyond current politics and sound bites to discover the deeper truths about how these inspiring figures became who they are today.

Sex Out Loud: The CatalystCon Series

sexoutloudSex Out Loud® hosted by Tristan Taormino is a weekly radio show dedicated to exploring all aspects of sexuality from a sex-positive perspective. Listeners get intelligent, uncensored talk about sexual health, education and media; GLBT issues, BDSM, non-monogamy, the adult industry, and sexual politics. Sex Out Loud airs every Friday at 5:00 pm Pacific and 8:00 pm Eastern on The VoiceAmerica Network Variety Channel. In addition, you can listen on demand or download it as a podcast . Find Sex Out Loud on Twitter.

Host Tristan Taormino was proud to bring Sex Out Loud to CatalystCon East, where she recorded interviews with conference speakers and attendees in front of a live studio audience.

April 11, 2014: Melissa Gira Grant on Challenging the Myths about Selling Sex


Sex Out Loud features Melissa Gira Grant, writer and freelance journalist whose latest book is Playing The Whore: The Work of Sex Work. Based on ten years of writing and reporting on the sex trade, and grounded in her experience as an organizer, advocate, and former sex worker, Grant dismantles pervasive myths about sex work, criticizes both conditions within the sex industry and its
criminalization, and argues that separating sex work from the “legitimate” economy only harms those who perform sexual labor. The interview was recorded live at CatalystCon East 2014.

April 4, 2014:  Epiphora on Testing Sex Toys and Writing with Honesty and Snark


The first episode of the CatalystCon East 2014 series features Tristan Taormino live before a studio audience, interviewing sex blogger Epiphora who’s known for her honest writing and cheeky reviews of sex toys on her site, Hey Epiphora. Epiphora talks about her own journey into sex writing, offers insights to sex toy makers, and shows how to be both snarky and trustworthy.


Whorecast Live! at CatalystCon with jessica drake & Lori Adorable

Logo smallThis week we take you all the way to our Nation’s Capital for Catalyst Con! Siouxsie and Jesse had a blast rubbing shoulders all weekend with sex positive visionaries. We even got a chance to do a LIVE show with two amazing sex workers: epic porn star Jessica Drake and bad ass blogger and pro switch Lorie Adorable! So grab your lanyard and a cup of coffee and dive right into WhoreCast LIVE from Catalyst con!


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