CatalystCon West 2014


CatalystCon West 2014


The Deeper Truth: Biographies from the Catalysts 

unnamed-1Author, educator, performer, and radio personality Shar Rednour hosts a series of hot, uncensored discussions with some of sexuality’s most exceptional catalysts. These one-on-one talks will put ground-breaking thinkers, activists, educators and innovators in Shar’s sexy hot seat as they share their histories, their inspirations, and their plans for how we can all change the world. As an experienced interviewer and radio host, Shar will take her guests beyond current politics and sound bites to discover the deeper truths about how these inspiring figures became who they are today.


Sexpert Threesome: Your Questions Answered By The Experts

 emily_logo-1In this week’s Podcast, Emily takes her show on the road.. Literally! Joined by two leading experts in the sex therapy field, Emily records this show live from CatalystCon, a conference created to inspire exceptional conversations about sexuality.

Hump & Circumstance – Talking Group Sex – Live At CatalystCon West

swingsetLife on the Swingset returns to CatalystCon West for a live podcast about group sex.

You know that one thing you can do outside monogamy that you can’t do within? You can have group sex. That’s right, many people getting naked and sexy together. That’s how the non-monogamous do. So today, for our very first live podcast (which is only a mild distinction from panel) we are talking about that whole thing that makes us different than the monos, group sex.

An interview with Carol Queen & Dr. Robert Morgan Lawrence – Live at CatalystCon West

Carnalcopia logo - highresYou never know what will happen when you take Ashley and Katie, a bottle of Malbec, and two sex positive rockstars like Carol Queen and Robert Morgan Lawrence. Carnalcopia records and interviews live from CatalystCon West and discusses sluttus interruptus, flaccid fun, which Game of Thrones character is Robert’s type, and much more!

PW 402: PW live at CatalystCon!

unnamed-16 Poly Weekly LIVE at CatalystCon West with guests Reid Mihalko and Charlie Glickman!

Audio/Video From Past CatalystCon Events


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