Privacy/Conduct Policy


Badges must be worn at all times when in the conference space and will be required for admittance to all sessions, the Exhibitors Hall and for the Saturday evening entertainment.

During sessions and scheduled performances, please turn off the ringers on your phones and do not answer calls while in session rooms.

Photo Privacy Policy

CatalystCon understands and respects the need for privacy among attendees and speakers.

There will be a red “NO Photos” button available to all attendees at the registration desk. The red “NO Photos” button means just what it says, you are not allowed to take any photos of anyone who is wearing a “NO photos” button without explicit permission. Tweeting, Instagramming, Facebooking, etc. are encouraged, but we must respect that some people do not wish to have their images made public. Please choose to err on the side of caution and respect for your fellow attendees privacy at all times.

When taking photos, you must ask permission of your subject and make sure that no one else is visible in the background. Consent is very important at CatalystCon, so please understand that the absence of a red “NO Photos” still means that you should ask first before photographing that person, especially if you do not know them personally. We ask that you please examine any photographs before posting them online and make sure there aren’t any people in them who have not given you permission.

Audio/Video Policy

There is no audio or video recording in the conference space or of sessions/keynotes without prior permission from the conference organizer. Please contact us for more information.

Conduct and Consent

We believe that consent is essential, so please keep in mind that not everyone has consented to be a part of this weekend conference. We are sharing the hotel space with guests and hotel employees who are not here to attend CatalystCon, so please be respectful of that fact and refrain from any behavior that might be offensive to others. There is no official dress code, but we do ask that you dress in an appropriate manner especially when in public/shared areas of the hotel. There is no nudity outside of your hotel room, including at the pool. While many aspects of sexuality will be discussed frankly and openly at CatalystCon, there will be no organized play or public play-spaces.

Please be mindful of the fact that some attendees may have MCS or other fragrance sensitivities or allergies, and refrain from wearing strong fragrances in the conference space.

Self-Promotion and Sponsorship Activities

CatalystCon is the perfect place to promote yourself and your business, so we encourage you to share contact information and exchange your own business cards or postcards with other attendees. However we ask that you refrain from handing out product, swag or other promotional materials in the designated conference areas out of respect to our official sponsors who have paid for the opportunity to support the conference and promote their businesses, and who make it possible for CatalystCon to be so affordable. Please do not indiscriminately distribute materials and please be mindful and respectful about what products or materials you hand out in the hotel main public spaces and/or in the vicinity of those who are not here to attend CatalystCon.  Events or gatherings within the official conference space or anywhere in the conference hotel are only allowed for official conference sponsors with pre-approval of conference organizers.

We understand that some attendees may receive compensation from personal sponsors in order to attend CatalystCon. If you are individually sponsored, please review the following guidelines: You may use your personal websites, blogs or social media channels to promote sponsors before, during, and after CatalystCon. You may wear t-shirts or other clothing items with your sponsor’s logo, or add your sponsor’s info to your own business cards. You may not distribute, display or demonstrate any products, samples, gifts or promotional materials within the conference space or in public spaces of the hotel. (Unauthorized materials left in any of these spaces will be removed.) You may not host any kind of sponsored event or gathering within the official conference space or anywhere in the conference hotel. As an individually sponsored attendee, you and your sponsor are not entitled to any official sponsor benefits, including exhibitor space or space in our attendee gift bags. If you’re unsure about whether something is permitted, please contact us or ask a staff member on site.

We ask that all attendees honor the privacy and conduct policy while in the conference space. CatalystCon, and the hotel, reserve the right to remove anyone in violation of the policy during the event.

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