Sep 142017

Euphemia F Russell is presenting Australia’s accessibility to information. Check out her bio here.

EuphemiaHow do you see yourself as a catalyst for change?

As far as I know, I am the only Sexuality and Pleasure Educator in Australia who works with adults, and is formally trained in these educational skills and tools. This is overwhelming, but also compelling as each day my work is changing Australia’s understanding of sexuality. With my small community of similar professionals we do what we can to support each other and further the work.

Who or what was a catalyst for you?

The ‘Sex Positive’ Bay Area community in California was a huge catalyst for me to realise I could dedicate my career to this kind of work, not just personally learn and enjoy.

What do you feel are some of the most important/valuable changes that have been made in our current society and the field of sexuality?

In general, I think any of work being done in the space is valuable as there’s so much work to be done in so many areas and understandings of sexuality!

What do you feel are some of the biggest challenges or concerns facing us in society and the field of sexuality today?

An understanding of consent.

Why is your CatalystCon presentation topic important to you?

Because Australia has very little infrastructure and institutional support for teaching individuals about sexuality, gender, and pleasure.

Share one unknown (or little known) fact about yourself?

After sex, my second and third favourite topics to speak about are cuttlefish and trees.

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