Feb 242016

Monique Darling is presenting The Art of Accepting No with Monique Darling and Reid Mihalko and Overwhelmed and Overworked? Self Care IS a Priority. Check out Monique’s bio here.

Monique Darling

1. How do you see yourself as a catalyst for change?

I am the deepest catalyst by using my vulnerability. I am willing to express in real time my challenges and my enthusiasm, the things that are hardest for me and the things that are sooo good that I can’t even believe they are true. AND I spend 9/10ths of my life traveling and touring and offering workshops for people to transform right along with me.

2. Who or what was a catalyst for you?

Reid Mihalko and Cuddle Party. Ten years ago I walked in to my first Cuddle Party and it began the journey of reclaiming my voice, my choice and my power. And it awakened my own passion of being a role model for others to have permission around those things.

3. What do you feel are some of the most important/valuable changes that have been made in our current society and the field of sexuality?

That its more and more common conversation. That more and more people are willing to talk about it. That it is becoming a less taboo subject and that there is a wider spectrum and playground that is nationally accepted as to what is acceptable discussion around sexuality.

4. What do you feel are some of the biggest challenges or concerns facing us in society and the field of sexuality today?

That as much as it feels like conversations are opening it also feels like the greater the conversation and the greater the permission for people to be more sexually expressed the greater the fear from those who are unwilling to face those things in their own life. SO the more it is talked about the more it is opposed at the same time. The greatest challenge finding us today is to find a wider spectrum in the middle so that its not black and white expressed or repressed, but to find that middle ground where we can all be respectful of one another.

5. Why is your CatalystCon presentation topic importation to you?

My topics are the “art of accepting no”, and “self care” which are both life lessons that I have learned and I am continually learning in my life through living every day. In order to serve anyone else you need to serve yourself first so you are full and ready to serve anyone else and its important to have useful tools to use in a daily practice. Your ability to accept no gracefully is what gives others the gift to ask you anything in life. So it gives you greater access to resources in every aspect in the field of sexuality, and life transformation in general.

6. Share one unknown (or little known) fact about yourself.

I have no idea who my biological father is. There is a whole mystery surrounding that so come ask me. 🙂

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