Aug 082014
Piracy Stops Here Representatives to Address Trademark, Copyright, and Counterfeit Issues

CatalystCon West announces a business seminar to be held on Friday, September 12 from 2-3:30pm. Protecting Your Original Ideas: Trademark, Copyright, and Counterfeit Sales will be presented by Peter Phinney and Jeff Carter of the online piracy watchdog group Piracy Stops Here. 
The 90-minute “crash course” seminar will clarify the rights of business owners to protect what they create, and cover issues currently at play online that are undermining well-known brands and cutting into the bottom line of pleasure products manufacturers in all market niches.  Through hand outs, case studies, and anecdotes from the trenches, professionals fighting digital piracy, trademark and patent infringement, and counterfeit sales online will reveal what’s being stolen, how it’s being stolen, how the internet is helping to facilitate this illicit activity and ways of working to combat it.
“Counterfeiting is running rampant across the Internet and we think it’s time creators take back control of their products’ distribution,” said Phinney. “We’re stepping up to help them do so and this seminar will explain how.”
The seminar will be free and open to the public, but registration is recommended. CatalystCon West will take place at the Westin LAX from September 11-14, and registration for the conference and other pre-conference activities is currently open at

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