Jul 162014

We are looking for 1-2 dynamic, eclectic performers to join us for our evening performance at CatalystCon West on Saturday, September 13, 2014

What is Urban Erotika? – Mo Beasley’s UrbanErotika is a monthly performance series celebrating erotic love through poetry, spoken word, music, dance, and theatre – as expressed by New York City’s diverse cultures.  Each performance is composed with four Suites of Eros and starts with the most soft and sensual, ending with the most wild and explicit. The Infatuation Suite, Seduction Suite, Sweet Bliss, and the Raw Suite are the full spectrum of romantic and sexual love at UrbanErotika.

What kind of performer are we looking for? UrbanErotika has hosted all types of performance artists such as Puerto Rican tap dancers, Korean folk singers, West African dancers, Jewish musicians, South African singers, European poets, as well as the tri-state area’s best-known African American poets, dancers, singers, and musicians. We are seeking 1-2 CatalystCon attendees who can blend their unique art with ours.  We are exceptionally excited to combine the open and honest communications that CatalystCon performers/panelist and communities continue to embrace and the beauty of open-minded eclectic art that UrbanErotika champions.

The Specifics – Who are you? What do you do?! Are you interested in adding to our collective?  We are looking for dancers, singers, musicians, or any other unique creative to be a part of the show. Please be aware the selected artists will have between 5-10 minutes of performance time.

If interested please send a link or attachment (between 5-10 minutes) of what you do best along with all requirements, such as time, space, etc.., and any additional information to :

UrbanErotika@gmail.com. We will respond to all inquiries. We look forward to rocking the stage with you.

Deadline for submissions is Monday, August 11, 2014.

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