Feb 182014

Dr. Rosalyn Dischiavo is presenting Orientation as a Living Entity. Check out Dr. Dischiavo’s bio here.
Rosalyn Dischiavo

1. How do you see yourself as a catalyst for change?

I try to be a voice that truly joins the academic to the experiential and the numinous. Our bodies are geniuses, and my mission is to call people back to their bodies in an effort to connect more deeply and meaningfully with intellectual ideas, whatever the content. Connection to sexuality and less fear of it allows for a livelier mind, less distracted by repression.

2. Who or what was a catalyst for you?

The Body Electric School was a catalyst for me. Diving into sexuality and spirituality with a very grounded, ethical group of people was very important to my personal and eventually professional growth.

3. What do you feel are some of the biggest challenges or concerns facing us in the field of sexuality right now?

I believe there is a dearth of good discussion between researchers and practitioners. So many therapists and bodyworkers are not plugged into theories being developed or studies being done. Researchers are often not plugged into the practical results or application of their work. We need good catalysts and good communicators who can get practitioners excited about research, and researchers excited about application and practice.

4. What do you feel are some of the most important/valuable positive changes that have been made in the world of sexuality in the past year?

New freedoms for same-sex partners has been very exciting to live through. Public exposure to polyamory is quite hopeful, even as we struggle with poor portrayals of it in the media. The attention to gender-identity issues is great to watch.

5. Why do you feel it is important to bring this topic Orientation as a Living Entity to CatalystCon East?

Sexuality is part of our ecology. If we don’t see ourselves as part of a larger whole, we become split with our world, and sometimes at odds with the health of the planet. Orientation is not something that we simply perform, or simply are, orientation has a larger purpose in the world’s ecology, and becoming aware of this may help us to become better stewards of this beautiful home we’ve got.

6. Share one unknown (or little known) fact about yourself.

I love to sing!


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