Jan 282013

There are so many amazing speakers scheduled to present at CatalystCon East this March. So we’ve decided to add a new feature to the website to help everyone get to know them a little bit better.

Founder Dee Dennis regards this conference as a “melting pot of sexuality” that will unite sex educators, sexologists, sex workers, writers, activists, and anyone with a passion for creating change. The fundamental principle behind CatalystCon is “knowledge is power, and sharing that knowledge is the first spark in igniting change.”

All of the speakers that have been selected for CatalystCon East are catalysts for change in their own way. We gave them each the opportunity to talk to us about that, in their own words… by answering a few questions about what being a catalyst means to them.

This series, called “Speaker Spotlight” will officially begin tomorrow, with Rachel Kramer Bussel.

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