Sep 142012

Long Beach, CA – CatalystCon will be opening the closing plenary to the general public for a $10 cash donation payable at the door which will be donated to Scarleteen.

John Stagliano, Constance Penley, Ph.D, & Allan Gelbard, Esq. will give the closing keynote plenary, Defending Pornography: United States v. John Stagliano sponsored by Aneros.  Our current political climate brings challenges in defending adult material against both obscenity and intellectual property violations. What can we learn from the most recent legal battles in order to raise successful ones in the future both in the courts and the court of public opinion?  Join esteemed panelists John Stagliano, Allan Gelbard Esq., and Constance Penley, PhD as they share the first hand knowledge they acquired while successfully defending against United States v John Stagliano as well as other important cases.

CatalystCon creator Dee Dennis is a supporter of Scarleteen and the important work they do. As a mother she knows firsthand the lack of sex education available to children and knows the very important need for financially supporting Scarleteen and making it possible to continue the very important work they do.

Scarleteen provides millions of people in their teens and twenties with progressive, inclusive and original sexuality, sex and relationships education, information and support every year. Established in 1998, and continued since despite no federal, state or institutional funding, Scarleteen operates primarily via its popular, award-winning website — consistently the highest ranked sex education site specifically for young people since its debut — which includes articles, in-depth advice columns, external resources, and direct, one-on-one services which allow users to ask or talk about anything they need to, like their busy, moderated message boards and their SMS service. “Scarleteen’s model has always been strongly unschooling and youth-focused, both in what information is provided and how they provide it, but also within their organization itself: they make sure the majority of their staff and volunteers are always under thirty. At Scarleteen, young people are afforded the respect to be leaders, either within their organization or their own lives, including their sexual lives.

Dennis’ passion for sparking change and sharing knowledge with others means showcasing Scarleteen at CatalystCon to generate more fans as well as donations. “Scarleteen operates on a very limited budget and is funded entirely by donations,” says Dennis, who notes Scarleteen’s “amazing work providing a safe place for young adults to get the sex education our school systems and many parents are not providing.” Dennis on behalf of CatalystCon will match funds raised this weekend up to $500. Dennis is excited at the opportunity to introduce Scarleteen to CatalystCon attendees and encourage them to contribute to its mission of sexual health, wellness and personal responsibility: “I personally feel funding Scarleteen and making it possible for them to continue the work they do is extremely important.”

The Closing Plenary will take place Sunday, September 16th at 2:30pm at the Long Beach Hilton Executive and Meeting Center in Long Beach, CA in the International Ballrooms I & II.  Donations will only be accepted in cash.

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